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Here's  pictures from the work with the instrument panel.
Yes, and some test flying.

It's really hard to continue work on the pit as it flyable, mostly we work an hour with a new part and spend the rest of the night flying  :-)

PIC00007.jpg (55428 bytes) PIC00008.jpg (52476 bytes) PIC00013.jpg (59016 bytes) 

Note that many parts and details still missing on the panel like the frame around the MFD:s and all lettering.

We're useing a 26" Fresnel lens with a 21" monitor, size of outside view is not optimized as the location of the pit prevents us from moving monitor further away from fresnel. Tests show that we'll have almost whole frontscreen covered with outside view when distance is optmized.

Much work remaining, but I think it will be really nice when finished.