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How to make simple all electric gauges

In some cases like engine instruments, there is no need for more that 250 movement of needle.
I was looking for a way to make those instruments easy and this is how it ended.          

PIC00003.jpg (49644 bytes)

I found some stereo MHz meters at a local electronic store. As they has a wide movement (250) I thought that they would do as engine instruments

PIC00004.jpg (52620 bytes)

This is how it looks when dismantled

PIC00006.jpg (51688 bytes)

After I had trim off the frame this is remaining

PIC00007.jpg (53440 bytes)

Dials made of paper, printed on laser, colors added by hand when needed

PIC00008.jpg (50224 bytes)

To get space enough for needle to go clear from glass, I used plasic cans, cut to suitable size and glued to place. I use fast cure CA glue

PIC00009.jpg (52532 bytes)

This is how it looks when assembled. As the plastic can is semi-transparent, light will shine up the dial and needle when a lamp is added behind the instrumentpanel

PIC00010.jpg (51312 bytes)

Same instrument from another angle

PIC00011.jpg (50924 bytes)

Glass made of 1mm Plexi and glued to distance. Used epoxy to prevent damage to glass.

PIC00012.jpg (54308 bytes)

Final assembly with my gauge faceplate. Instrument is 0 at 0Volts and 100% at 10Volts