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How we interface FS with Velleman K8000 I/O card



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The Velleman K-8000 I/O card is supplied as a kit, it took me about 4 hours to solder all the components to place.

The card has 8 low res analogue outports (6 bit) and 1 high res analogue outport (8 bit)
4 analogue (8 bit) inports and 16 digital ports whish can be configured as in or outports.

It's possible to connect up to 3 K-8000 cards i serie that gives 27 analogue outports, 12 analogue inports and 48 digital I/O, the card connects to the printer port, and supports programs written in C, VB and Turbo Pascal.

For more information about this card and other products from Velleman, look at


We have used the ports as follow:

Analogue 1 - IAS
Analogue 2 - VSI
Analogue 3 - AoA
Analogue 4 - EGT
Analogue 5 - Fuel Flow
Analogue 6 - Fuel qty
Analogue 7 - G - Meter
Analogue 8 - Radar Altitude
High res Analogue - N1/N2 (switchable)




Digital out 1 - Stall warning
Digital out 2 - Overspeed
Digital out 3 - IM
Digital out 4 - MM
Digital out 5 - OM
Digital out 6 - Nose gear
Digital out 7 - Left gear
Digital out 8 - Right gear
Digital out 9 - Autopilot master indicator
Digital out 10 - Auto throttle indicator
Digital out 11 - Low altitude warning
Digital out 12 - (will be used to run Altimeter stepper motor)
Digital out 13 - (will be used to run Gyro compass stepper motor)
  The gauges that will use stepper motors is not built yet, we will use another kit from Velleman to those. It's a stepper controller board that can be connencted to digital outport on the K-8000