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How to make servo controlled gauges.

The idea is from Chris Brace.
I made the construction with his design in mind, but I thought it would
be possible to make them even more simple,

This is what I found out, perhaps they will be modified later, but sure they will do fine at the moment    

PIC00015.jpg (52884 bytes)

Servo is glued to carboard plate that fits inside a paper tube.

PIC00016.jpg (51892 bytes)

A side view of the construction

PIC00018.jpg (51104 bytes)

Paper tube painted black and servo/plate inserted

PIC00017.jpg (51888 bytes)

A view from front

PIC00019.jpg (55800 bytes)

The printed dial, needle and the gauge faceplate in place.
Ready to GO!!!

PIC00020.jpg (54992 bytes)

This is how it looks from side, 20 minutes after I started the work.